The Palm Beach Writers Group (PBWG) is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization that supports writers, authors, dramatists, poets, editors, publishers, and agents in Palm Beach County, Florida. Membership is open to the public and we welcome new members.

In furtherance of our support mission, the Palm Beach Writers Group has monthly in-season luncheon meetings, engages experts who speak on subjects that relate to the mutual professional interests of ourmembers, sponsors author book signing events, holds social events, and encourages its members to improve their writing and related skills through the mutual exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Board of Directors:

Cathy Helowicz, Executive Director

Erik Brown, Director and Co-Founder

Jim Gabler, Director and Co-Founder

Marcia Chellis Kay, Board Member

Bobbi Shorr, Board Member

Donald Antlsperger, Board Member