Michele Dargan

Our keynote speaker for October will be Michele Dargan who will address “How to Write a Press Release and get it noticed”.

Michele has worked as a journalist for 28 years at various newspapers in Connecticut and Florida.
As an avid show jumper, she began writing freelance articles for equestrian publications while working as an English teacher in Connecticut.
In the late 1980’s, she landed her first full-time newspaper job as an education reporter and sports editor at a start-up weekly. She moved to a daily newspaper a year later as a sportswriter, when it was a novelty to have women covering sports.
Since then, she has done beat reporting, general assignment, town government, religion, courts, police, fire, politics, health, business and editing of a community news section.
For the past 20 years, Michele has worked at the Palm Beach Daily News, a small daily covering the island of Palm Beach.

Patricia Wakely Wolf

Our keynote speaker for November will be Patricia Wakely Wolf who talk about “What Makes a Book a Movie”.

Patricia’s expertise is in all aspects of writing: plays, screenplays, fiction, non-fiction, briefs, proposals, grants, press releases, blogs, essays as well as being an excellent editor.  She is an actor, commercial and print model.


D.S. Kane

Our keynote speaker for  January will be D.S. Kane who will speak on “Book Promotion: What works and what doesn’t”.

DS Kane is the name he has chosen to write under.  He has worked in the field of covert intelligence for over a decade. During that time, his cover was his real name, and he was on the faculty of NYU’s Stern Graduate School of Business. He traveled globally for clients including government and military agencies, the largest banks, and Fortune 100 corporations, and while in-country, he did side jobs for our government. One of the banks he investigated housed the banking assets of many of the world’s intelligence agencies and secret police forces, including the CIA and NSA. Much of his work product was pure but believable fiction lies he told, and truths he concealed. Secrets that—if revealed—might have gotten him killed. When his cover got blown, he fled the field and moved 3,000 miles.

Now, he’s a former spy, still writing fiction. Through his novels, he exposes the way intelligence agencies craft fiction for sale to sway their countries and manipulate their national policy, driving countries into dangerous conflicts.

He has been published under his real name many times in financial trade journals on topics including global banking, computer fraud and countermeasures, financial forecasting, global electronic-funds transfer networks, and corporate finance, including one book on finance published by a major publisher. He has been a featured speaker at financial conferences and conventions.  His children’s book, A Teenager’s Guide to Money, Banking, and Finance, was published in 1987 by Simon & Schuster.  He was once the CEO of an ebook publishing company.

He has been adjunct faculty at the Whidbey Island MFA program, and also teaches a course at the Muse Online Writers Conference entitled Covert Training and Covert Operations for Fiction Writers and taught one on a similar topic at California libraries, funded by a federal grant.  He taught a thriller-writing course at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference and was a featured speaker at a dinner meeting of the California Writers Club. He taught finance at the Stern Graduate Business School of New York University for over ten years and is one of the co-founders of ActFourWriters.com, a unique email-based novelists’ critique group.

Scott Eyman

With the November 2016 publication of his third collaboration with veteran actor Robert Wagner, “I Loved Her In The Movies,” Scott Eyman has authored 14 books, including the NYT Bestseller “John Wayne: The Life and Legend,” and two other Bestsellers with veteran actor Robert Wagner:  “You Must Remember This” (published March 2014) and  “Pieces of My Heart” (published 2008).

Scott’s next book, “Hank and Jim,” will be published on Oct. 31, 2017, by Simon & Schuster. It’s about the 50-year friendship between Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stewart.

Among his other books are “Empire of Dreams: The Epic Life of Cecil B. DeMille,” which won the 2011 Richard Wall Memorial Book Award, “Lion of Hollywood: The Life and Legend of Louis B. Mayer,” “Print the Legend: The Life and Times of John Ford,” “Ernst Lubitsch: Laughter in Paradise,” and “The Speed of Sound” (all Simon & Schuster) and “John Ford: The Searcher” for Taschen.

Scott was the 2014 recipient of the National Board of Review William K. Everson Award for Film History for his body of work. His journalism and criticism work made him a Pulitzer Prize finalist. He’s won multiple writing awards for his feature writing, film and literary criticism.

He has lectured extensively around the world, most frequently at the National Film Theater in London, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Moscow Film Theater. He’s done the commentary tracks for many DVDs, including “Trouble in Paradise,” “My Darling Clementine,” and “Stagecoach.”

Scott also writes pieces for Film Comment, as well as book reviews for The Wall Street Journal. He has written for The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Chicago Tribune, as well as practically every film magazine extinct or still extant.

He’s the former literary and art critic for The Palm Beach Post; he and his wife, Lynn, live in West Palm Beach.

Author Scott Eyman where he writes his books in West Palm Beach, Florida, October 30, 2016. (Photograph by Greg Lovett)

 Eyman has written thirteen books, including biographies of Hollywood legends such as John Wayne, Ernst Lubitsch, Cecil B. DeMille, and Louis B. Mayer. He also collaborated with Robert Wagner on two books.

Brian Jud

Brian Jud is an author, book-marketing consultant, speaker, seminar leader, television host and president of Premium Book Company that sells books to non-bookstore buyers on a non-returnable, commission basis. Brian is also the Executive Director of the Association of Publishers for Special Sales.

Brian is the author of How to Make Real Money Selling Books (Without Worrying About Returns) This is the ultimate do-it-yourself guide to selling your books to non-bookstore buyers in large quantities, with no returns. He also wrote Beyond the Bookstore (a Publishers Weekly® book), a primer on non-bookstore marketing.

Brian has also written and published five titles on career transition that are distributed internationally. He is a prolific writer of articles about book publishing and marketing. He is the author of the eight e-booklets with Proven Tips for Publishing Success and the contributing editor to the monthly newsletters, Book Marketing Matters, The Sales Informer, The Authority and Bound to Sell. He was the host of the television show, The Book Authority that aired for 13 years.

Brian is an adjunct lecturer of sales and marketing courses for graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Hartford and the University of Connecticut. Brian is a regular speaker on marketing topics at IBPA’s Publishing University and for publishing groups around the country. Brian has a BS degree in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA in Marketing from Xavier University.

Andrew Ray

B.S., Salem State University; M.A., Westminster Theological Seminary; M.F.A., Regent University

Andrew Ray seeks to embody the definition of the auteur – he is a screenwriter, director, cinematographer, and editor who is passionate about all aspects of digital storytelling. He has produced hundreds of online videos that have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and has written two feature films and numerous short screenplays. He has directed a number of short films, including his five-time award-winning short film, What It’s Like(2014).

Andrew entered the world of digital storytelling when he started writing and recording his own music in 1999. He began recording local artists in Charlottesville, Virginia where he was a youth pastor for five years. While earning his master of arts in biblical counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary, he started his own production company and experienced commercial success that led him to Regent University. There he earned his master of fine arts degree in cinema/television directing.

As a teacher, Andrew desires to see his students at Palm Beach Atlantic University excel as both digital artists (in their aesthetic approach to the visual medium) and as gifted storytellers (in their writing that captivates their audiences). Andrew’s theological training enriches his approach to storytelling by helping him to pay attention to any and every story’s inherent worldview. He wants to share that passion for redemptive storytelling with his students and see them create stories that point to the greater meaning in our lives that our world is so desperate for.

Andrew has been married to Gwenyth (Powlison) Ray since 2003. They have three beautiful daughters who provide an abundance of great material for Andrew’s screenplays and occasionally act in his films. He describes himself as over-blessed. When not teaching, he produces commercials for his company Attention Creative and spends time with his family.